Autumn Term – Task 5

Hazard Who Action
Tripping/Falling – Major to actors due to the few chairs we have on stage and tripping in general. The reason for this to be a hazard is that we have four chairs which may get in the way. Actors and audience Make sure actors are aware of the staging and take care when sitting and getting up off and onto a chair. We also need to be aware that things are 100% not in the way of people. E.G. Bags etc. For falling we will need to make sure the actors are fit enough to do the performance and do not fall or give way during the performance.
Fire Doors Everyone Make sure we know where the fire doors are during the performance and that they are not blocked by anything at any point. Make sure that all actors know where the nearest fire exit is. We will also need to personally guide people to the fire exit unless a teacher takes this role.
Paper cuts/ grabbing objects – In short we have a two books which me and one actor use as out only props. Actors Be careful when grabbing props etc. and make sure we do not grab them too quick etc. as we may cause paper cuts etc.
Voice Actors We will need to make sure that the actors warm up their voice. The reason for this is it can damage your voice as we will need to project well during the performance and before the song as well.

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