Autumn Term – Task 7

We rehearsed the scenes which was possible without one of our group members as there are ill. Today we looked into our later scenes and worked on this we did have a practise just before the video to prepare ourselves. We looked today into changing this scene script wise a little bit. The way this worked was we improvised a good bit of performance and made a voice recording of it. Later on we then expanded on this and on one of our group members created a new version of the script. Which we then learn’t and worked from. I felt the scenes showed in this video was well worked on however i am worried about the other scenes considering we keep having one person missing in the group. Also I feel the new script we made is a lot better. However i wish we had more time to prepare the other scenes and add to them. Overall this work in progress went well we managed to not corpse we came close but I think we pulled it back. I feel as a group we could have acted more however we are all in the process of creating our characters. Also I feel the audience reacted well to our performance laughing at all the gags.

I felt for personal progress I am developing my character is slowly coming through now. I have also contributed a bit to the performance preparation by attempting to ask what days we will be practising and kept on asking the group till we had some days. I also wrote one scene of the script however it was a bit badly written however we had the basis and took a few minutes o rewrite it. I felt one skill I have got so far is more knowledge with script writing it is a skill i have not really used before till now.

Some of our comments was: My characters voice is a lot better and is showing more now, However i need to focus on being more many and father like as my presence is still quite small. Another comment was that i should think about why I am silent it doesn’t have to be because I am scared etc.

From todays comments I will look into what emotions I can play and why I am not well spoken etc. This will add to my character. I feel this is definitely the hardest and most challenging character i have ever played as it is very outside of my type casting. For example the character is a father where i look pretty young and casting wise i would not fir the father role as far as looks. However this also means I get to prepare for other shows in case i’m outside of my type casting. It also gives me a challenge to get out my comfort zone.







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