Autumn Term – Task 9


My sole role in this performance was a actor who played a father. I also helped to write one of our scenes so I got a little bit of experience in script writing. I also got a lot of experience by looking into characters in more depth. I feel as far as character I my characters voice started to come through a lot more. however I could have done with more time on my characters presence. I felt and got some comments before saying my voice work is a lot better however my presence and walk could do with some work to come across more many and less ‘Jake like’. I also had a small role to look into where I could find sheet music which I did manage to do.

As far as script writing it was a new concept I only wrote one scene. However it was badly written as it was new and when I read it to myself it made sense. When it came to group reading it was very messy in places. A little bit of repetition and not enough full stops. Although when we edited it as a group it was actually one of the best scenes a few people said. With the song we could struggled for a while to find the sheet music. However we was ok towards the end but did not have much time to properly prepare out song.

Being an actor was not really a new concept to me however it was challenging being the first time I was cast not in my type casting. It was also a hard role due to my character not speaking much this meant I had few lines to focus on so gave me lots of time to focus on the character. This was nice as with shows etc. normally you learn lines etc. then focus on the character thoughts etc. Although this character meant I could focus on something I don’t normally get to look into a great depth. Although it was very hard for me to feel like I done the role justice due to me being smaller in stature to most of the group. And more importantly my ‘Son’ this made it difficult and took a bit of time to practise the son and father bond towards the end of the show.

I felt I did well and as far as development doing this project has helped develop me a lot as it was challenging for me. The main reasons I found it challenging was it was the first detailed script I have written and one of the few times where me and my group got free reign on a piece of work we have done. This also meant that rehearsals was down to our group and also development was mainly down to us. Although we did have a teachers to guide us it was mainly student devised pieces.

As far as our group working well together I felt we all worked well. However I also felt two people in our group in particular took the lead roles a little bit too much and then would complain about how some of us could not do enough work towards the show. However it was a struggle although in the end it started to piece together and allowed the group to work a lot better as a whole. Also towards the end the two started to ease up on work which allowed us all to work equal roles.

As a overall I felt the show went well. However more interesting script and character could have been made from it. We got a few comments and one I agree with is some characters have a lot of fun lines and it takes the attention slightly off the other characters. Also another note which was good feedback was without the small jokes and puns we had it could have been a lot more of a serious show. However I feel our approach was a lot more nicer shows can be fun and realistic. Also I felt keeping jokes and puns lightened things and fantasy based shows are generally for entertainment and the jokes etc. Helped keep that fun feeling. Doing the show in a more funnier way also helped to not let the show slip into acting and became more natural. Everyone’s experience is different at home but I felt although our approach was good on the show as a overall it would have been nice to explore or think about other ways we could have done out piece.

I felt rehearsals could have been more frequent although we did start to make them a lot more regular towards the end of the preparation it was a struggle due to people being ill etc. Due to this we just rehearsed some scenes in particular more and other scenes although still learnt was a lot more bland and could have done with more details to make the performance overall interesting. I did feel we was more serious towards the end and tensions raised in the group however a good positive I felt from this is that the group cares.

Something I would change would to make the show a lot better would be to have more time. It would have been nice to add costumes and lighting to the show. Although lights and costume may not be a necessity it would be nice as it helps set a stage and personally I feel more comfortable and easier to act on a lit stage along with costume. Also props help  a lot to contribute to the scene. It would also have been nice to be able to get a taster and experience in creating a set for our own show. It would have been nice to have more time next time as it would have meant we have more time to prepare and flesh out a lot of our scenes. Also I feel it would have been nice for my group personally to look into bond with each other more as far as characters.

My strengths in this show was development and stepping out into a role I normally would generally not do due to type casting. One weakness would be script writing however I am new to script writing and hope we can continue to work on this in shows to come. My weakness would definitely be my organisation I lost sheets a lot and sometimes was a bit late. Next time I will work on this by making sure my things are more organised and also that I watch group chats more frequently if need be. Also another weakness of mine was definitely my ability to take charge because of this through the start to middle of the project we had two obvious leaders of the group. I feel next time I need to speak my mind more and try to be more of a leading or equal role all the way through although I feel I did start to pick up more towards the end as we closed in on the day.

Next time personally for my development I think it would have went better if I got more involved into making rehearsals more frequent. Also as far as skills I feel although I did look into my character if I done so earlier it would have went a  lot better.



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