Solo Singing

Friday 9th September 2016

B’s 1:1 Singing (Singing)

Today with B she asked me to present a song and sing it with all actions etc. as well. I was slightly un prepared and did not have a music sheet for the song I was going to sing. ‘Maybe This Time’ After talking about why I want to do this course briefly she recorded me while I sang my song I had to use a backing track from youtube and chose the wrong one as it was not a piano alone and was quiet so I lost my timing, sang it out of key and even missed a part. One good thing would be it didn’t faze me too much and I continued to sing it regardless and was not shaking. I had a few simple actions during the song but know I could have possible added more to it. She asked what I think I need to work on I replied with pitch she agreed. However after playing notes she said my pitch is actually fine. So from this lesson I now know i need music sheets if I want to sing in key and nicely. She also told me what being flat was as I used the term a fair bit after I sang. She played a bit of ‘Maybe This Time’ and said it was miles better with piano. She also done a quick test and said I got it quite well (It had a certain name I forgot basically moving from flat to sharp singing notes with the piano) She said I have a nice voice and she thinks she can easily work with me to improve me as a performer and also said she personally does not mind but gender roles need to come into my song choice. She also helped me find the scale of my voice (As sometimes it varies some teachers say different feedback sometimes too) She said I am a baritone when singing. She has given me the task of finding a song from a musical in the Golden Era (To relate to our brief) which is a baritone range and have a music sheet prepared in two weeks time and be able to confidently know the song.


Friday 23rd September 2016

1:1 Singing Lessons (Singing)


Today I prepared a song ‘Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin’ Although I only just got it today and was extremely unprepared I was honest and told her this. Of course not very impressed although I did manage to get the music sheet for her to play and printed off some lyrics for myself. I sang the song only listening to a few times before however i was also working on WordPress and a presentation at the same time so it was not listened to as well as I should have. She said my lyrics were not correct and I should have compared and made sure they were the same as the music sheet. I also did not know the tune apart from one part. She said next time she expects me to prepare myself a whole lot more and actually make sure I have everything I need. She also spoke through roughly how I should go about learning the song. From this lesson I know I was extremely unprepared and will make sure I am much more prepared next lesson. At least I know which song I am singing although this may be one of the few positives. However I will make sure I will not make the same mistake this time. And be a lot more prepared next time.