Autumn Term – Task 2

Task 2:

Looking at education or entertainment. There is a slight issue with musical theatre which we discussed briefly in class. Which is that musicals are always for entertainments due to the pretty dance and well sung songs. I personally would say this is obviously not true. Some musicals which would prove this would be musicals such as South Pacific it opens people’s minds to ongoing racism as well as creating a joyful show for the audience.

The audience contract would be how they brought their tickets if there even are tickets. Various examples would be the obvious which is theatre. With theatre shows you generally buy tickets. Compared to busking which is captive audience not so much shows however more so a performance. They normally do something they can repeat or keep going e.g. singing or playing instruments. Their audience contract would be near non-existent and they rely on people passing by and dropping change or even just gathering a small audience that moves on quickly. The main difference between these two styles is that if you pay for a ticket you feel obliged to watch the show even if you do not like the show much so you can get your ‘money’s worth’. Where with a busker you are not obliged to watch it at all and the majority of people will just pass by and put spare change in there.

Different platforms would be how you watched it. Or what platforms you use in the shows for example using projections or maybe it could be a moving theatre that the audience interacts with or even outside.

Ways of narrative would be how the show if interpreted. E.g. someone could find a hidden meaning in the show for example in South Pacific it has war happening during the show. This can tie in with racial theme. Some people may not realise this but if they do notice it this could affect what the show means to them. Most would say love anyone no matter what but noticing the war theme would change the theme into not just love anyone but world peace.


Joan, Babs and Sheila Too

This show would be for education purposes as it explains the life about Sheila and is her life story. The role of the performers would be to act. Although it has minimal dance in the show too. The way we brought tickets was via the college the audience contract would be via tickets. How we watched it was at the theatre. The narrative would be aimed at students due to the content you would not really aim it at a too young audience due to the understanding of the show. One thing this show does use as well to show facts about Joan and her life is projections on this cleverly designed piece of wood which can be projected on.


South Pacific

This show is for entertainment as well as education. The reason for this is the show is about racial themes and how they overcome it and the stereotypes. Although for the majority the songs are happy and expressive. The audience contract for this show would be either tickets to a theatre or via the film. The reason being this show has two ways you could have watched it. The role of the people in this musical would be to sing and act. Dance is not a major part in this musical. The narrative of this musical could change depending on how much you pay attention and connect themes of the shows together. For example, war is not too different from the main theme in the show which is racial lovers as war they fight for resources or even out of hate or segregation depending on the seriousness. Either noticing this can change the message the show sends out. Just noticing the obvious everyone would leave going on saying racism is bad and still exists however if they notice the connection to war it can have a much deeper meaning to the show.


Girl Crazy

This show is for pure entertainment as it has no education themes in the show. Similar to South Pacific this show has two ways of watching the show either film or theatre. Again this show has two ways of watching the show either in a theatre or via the film version. This show would mainly be aimed at younger audiences as it has lots of drugs and sex reference throughout the show. Possibly a show older teen students may want to watch. Due to the fun of the show and the typical love story with a slight twist by adding in the saucy and drug fuelled themes. Of course in the end the man gets the girl just like most typical love stories.


7 Basic Plots

What types of genres can I remember?

Horror, fantasy, sci fi, romance, crime, thriller, drama, comics and comedy.

Already looking below there are way more types of books than I listed. I only really specified the common and well known types of books.

What genres are there?

All genres : Science fiction, satire, drama, action and adventure, romance, mystery, horror, self-help, health, guide, travel, children’s, religion, spirituality & new age, science, history, math, Anthology, poetry, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, comics, art, cookbooks, diaries, journals, prayer books, series, trilogy, biographies, autobiographies, fantasy.

Christopher Booker

Age: 78

Christopher is an English author and journalist. Also something to note is he is known for publishing work to do with medical and scientific work although he has no qualifications in these topics. One example being ‘Climategate to Cancun: The Real Global Warming Disaster Continues…’ (2010)


The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories (2004)

Author: Christopher Booker

Language: English

Pages: 736

Worked on the book for 34 years.

Christopher Booker was influenced by Carl Jung who was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist. This ties into the brief outlook on Christophe’s book as his book was all about putting the reader into the world which can tie with physiological thinking and writing.

The book is set with one person in mind the reader they take a role as the main character and can choose which scenario to play out as they wish. Although the real point of these books are to show that there are only seven real plots in anything. Basically stating any writer uses one or more of these structures as their plots.

I agree with his theory looking at the titles and a brief look at what he thinks each story plot is made up of. It looks to be very true however I’m saddened to actually say this is the case as it almost makes me think down on scripts due to all having a base plot. But at the same time I guess this possibly being true means that better writings stand out more and all have an equal chance to publish something good.

Musical Tie INS?

Sweeney Todd – Rags to Riches

Sweeney originally goes to Mrs. Lovett’s pie shop the pair raise money and establish a well-funded business as a pie shop and barber, Although Sweeney has his eyes set on revenge for a particular someone. Based in London 1846. This time and place is very iconic the place is portrayed as dark. I think it was set it in London because alley ways was tight and all sorts of murders went on here as well as the diseases and poverty that lingered in this area. Also the iconic place of Jack the Ripper was in London. This time I am not 100% sure why they chose this time but it was still in the period where hygiene was low and death was common. The place is populated by Londoners. Mostly poor people and a few rich. Their function is the story is to help create the atmosphere of a typical old London feeling. They also add to the scenery for example the pie shop scene (when it is busy) a lot of people are used to give this scene energy and to show how busy they are no. Before the shop got business people would walk past and barely even notice it all the energy was outside rather than inside the shop.

South Pacific – Comedy? / Rebellion against the One

Again another I was unsure to put in where. However again comedy comes out of the songs and even a lack of something again. This time a lack of knowledge possibly as some people in this let racial stereotypes and rumours get to them. The Rebellion against the One would be for the characters who are about the war and want to fight Japan.

Singing In the Rain – Comedy

They make silent films during it and other things. They remake a film called the Calvier and turn it into a musical as it has bad reviews. The people around the show are townspeople.


West side story – Tragedy

One gang from purtorico another gang in America and loads of gang fights. And it follows a similar love story to Romeo and Juliet. The people around the show are generally townspeople or part of gang.

Girl Crazy – Overcoming the Monster? / The Quest? / Voyage and Return

I found this one hard to put into a basic plot but feel it may fit into either of these two. My reason is the monster could be referred to as his parent or even possibly his New York rival. The quest could be where he sent away and tries to get what he wants which is girls. I think this can link to quest of voyage and return as he is sent away and tries to get what he is after. The problems he has is probably the rival which would act as his obstacle.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – Comedy / the Quest? / Rebellion against One

Set in Paris. The story in short is two best friends who are girls. And both have admirers and both are interested in certain people. Lorelai’s father has also sent a detective on their travel to keep her out of trouble. The comedy comes from some of the musicals and gags in the show. The rebellion would be Lorelai to go against her father’s wishes.

The King and I – Rebellion against One / Rebirth?

Set in Bangkok when Anna Leonowens travels over there to teach kids English. Anna falls in love with children and king and this is the only thing stopping her from leaving as she did not get the house she was told she was going to get. Anna has something that happens which prevents her from wanting to join the king. And leaves to teach another person. King Siam’s children instead. The rebellion against the one would be the slave wanting to elope with their lover. Possibly rebirth due to the fact she had second thought and changed her mind on how she wanted to leave the rest of her life and with who.


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