Task 1 – Research Progression Options

Research Approach

To start my research I decided to take a slightly different approach and as opposed to searching up universities I decided I would look into Job vacancies, work experience and apprenticeships. I did this by searching up theatres around Suffolk. Although I first started by searching into theatres I know.


Sudbury – Quay Theatre

Email: admin@quaysudbury.com

30Mins via Car
1Hr 14Mins via Train
Not within walking distance however both could seem realistic distance from Bury if AI needed to get there. It would only be down to train prices.

No apprenticeships for this theatre however it does offer its staff with small paying jobs and runs mainly on funding. The theatre itself is also a registered charity. I noted down some jobs which were volunteer work with minor pay.

Small history starting in 1791 and it continued to progress and develop since 2000 through donations.

Box Office: I could do this however it does require a great deal of maths skills which I currently am studying and aiming for. However this is not my aim in theatre work it does give a small connection if a technician was ever needed.

Duty Manager: It says that is needs management experience I feel I do not have ideal management training only by only working college shows which is not relevant. It also mentions about health and safety training required I am planning to get basic training in first aid however I still feel this is not enough for this job. Would prefer other jobs over than this but maybe a fall-back as management can be a nice pathway to follow in and out of theatre work.

Sweets Selling: Self explanatory definitely not a aim what so ever.

Front Of House: As done in the course I have some experience in this maybe not a aim however this is probably another fall back on job.

Bar Duties: Although I do have café, barista and bar skills this would be a spare hand job beside my hopeful technician career.

Overall?: Looking for vacancies as far as the technical route it does not offer any at the current time. This appears to be more of a hall to hire rather than a independent theatre. However this does not mean I could not email them enquiring about opening or spare technicians needed.


Ipswich – New Wolsey Theatre

Email: mneal@wolseytheatre.co.uk


34Mins via Car

52Mins via Train

Apart from the Theatre Royal this seems like a close theatre especially as if I do get some type of work etc. at any of the theatres accommodation will probably never be provided so I would need to take trains there and back.

A well known and funded theatre. There are regular call outs for technicians and has lots of technical gear as well. Out of all the theatres this would be the one I feel would be the best to aim for if I wish to get a apprenticeship, work experience and jobs. Out of all the theatres this was the only one that was offering apprenticeships right now.

They seem to offer more than the rest of the theatres I have searched up so far. I have considered or rather looked into to things that stuck out for me.

One was a Creative Learning where they offer a variety of course there was a short course.

Age 16 – 25 ~ Which includes me before and after the college course. The cost of the course if free however it has limited places available. its says it develops: knowledge, skills and employability as young directors, writers and technicians. Something I never considered was writing for theatre I have good skill when writing however my grades and what I would rather aim and achieve is a job as a technician. Weekly Session: Thursday 6:30 – 9pm Dates: 5,11,19 Oct ~ 9/16/23 Nov. Although this sounds good I feel the distance can be a challenge for non paying course. I am more so after a apprenticeship rather than extending my course further unless I need to.

Assistant Technician Age:? ~ Its a 12Month Placement as a assistant technician. Active roles in all areas this is the type of job I would want the only issue with this is college however I continued to look into details for the future if anything else appears again at this theatre. It is a 30hour week job. £210.00 weekly wage which is £10,920 for the whole 12 months. Although the pay of this is not ideal it is apprenticeship and would mean I would get better qualifications as a technician.

Requirements: A – C In Maths and English or equivalent. Tech grade desirable. I fall into these requirements if they accept a level.2 Maths grade as the requirement. This seems like a great job to pursue however not living in Ipswich may cause a issue and may be a struggle as far as money goes due to low pay.


Suffolk – Theatre Royal

Email: Could not find one aimed specifically for job vacancies?

Distances: I live in bury so this is easily with in walking distance for me and would work great as far as distance goes.

I could not find any vacancies open however as they are close I could enquire about jobs in the future. It is also a regency theatre meaning it relies on funding so I would imagine pay would not be amazing although it is quite local to me so may work well to get some work experience. One thing I did find however was a front of house duty manager which was listed as a part time job. Not ideal for me but I found that as a job vacancy regardless.

Although I could not find any jobs the Theatre Royal does have connections with the college and I am hopeful I can get some work experience through this theatre. Although they do offer youth theatres for around my age I would rather consider something else especially as west Suffolk already has connections to this theatre with our shows we show.

Young Associates Programme Age: 18+ ~ This would include me in the programme. The programme is for those who want to pursue a career in any side of theatre. This is probably the most realistic option I can choose at the moment I could do the programme and get a minimal pay as well as working part time in another job such as my current café work I do. It also has a email to contact for further details. I’m unsure of how long it would be age range cap etc. however this sounds like a serious choice alongside the apprenticeship (Ipswich New Wolsey if it was a suitable time) This one however sounds like it works similar to work experience and a apprenticeship and is local. I would definitely consider if I can not find any other places/Universities or a more suitable job.


Beccles – Beccles Public Hall

Email: terry@becclespublichall.com


56Mins via Car

2Hours via Train

Not too unrealistic as distances not ideal. However rather than a theatre this is more so a hire hall for production events. regardless this does not mean I could email them enquiring if I wanted to do so.


Norfolk – Corn Hill

This was solely found when looking for jobs one which was a Technical Manager I decided to look further into it and see the requirements for the job. Salary: £16,000,00 requires 2 years experience. an electrical qualification, working at heights training and or PASMA Certificate. Also knowledge of a local area network design. Although unrealistic for me now it can be a aim for the future and helped give me a idea of what a technical manager requires.


Curtain Call – Theatre Connection’s Website

While searching into jobs for the theatre I came across this site it seems to work as a online portfolio with profiles of people and offers for jobs around. However I am unsure of the authenticity of the site and how well it works. It also shows exclusive cast and crew profiles as well as backstage features. I may think about applying for this site towards the end of my course and use it as a way to get some freelance jobs. The site itself also list some upcoming shows the main issue and positive about this feature is that it lists upcoming shows abroad as well.


alfiejamesproductions – (Friends) London Theatre Company

Although I do not know Alfie himself very well he did say he would be willing to offer me some jobs either for work experience or payments for particular jobs. I am unsure how reliable this is as a company however it can still be counted as a connection. He did offer me a chance to come and help at Sudbury- Quay Theatre for a upcoming show. I had to decline due to college and motioned if he ever is in Ipswich or Suffolk I may be able to attend and help. This can be quite unreliable however this is a connection and I may consider some work and will keep in touch. There is also the fact of my certificates in particular things that may restrict me with certain jobs for this company. From what I know this companies sole purpose is social change. From reading a bit about the company itself it is a touring company and has had some success and use to be a not for profit company originally in 2015.


Research Overview So Far

After a small talk with the teacher about my research she suggested looking into universities and I explained my issue with funding. However she suggested that I do go to University and thinks I can definitely be capable and need to be more confident in my self. She suggested I search up purely BA Hons (Bachelors Degree) technician courses as these normally accommodate and fund for the students. This was quite interesting for me and I never knew much about this or what it entails however I have decided to look into it more and research into universities offering BA (Bachelors Degrees). She also suggested that I could make a good Stage manager due to my analysis and organisation I just need to speak up more and be more assertive.

After this talk I will now research into universities with BA (Bachelors Degree) However regardless of what I do I feel this research was useful to me as it gave me a idea or requirements, jobs and theatres more local around the Suffolk area.


Colchester – Colchester Institute (BA Bachelors Degree) (HONS)

Higher education Bachelors  Degree (Degree Level Course) – Level 6

Requirements: 80 UCAS points from A Levels or BTEC Extended Diploma. The applicant will also need to provide a portfolio with work in all or their chosen pathway in the technical course.

UCAS Code: W441


3 years Full Time

6 Years Part Time

Bursaries it appears I may be eligible for bursaries although I am unsure of what they require as it says if you meet the following criteria I am unsure whether it means all are applicable or just a few or one of the criteria’s are met.

Also it states that if you get offered a scholarship the fee’s are not applicable.

The fees for the course I want to do would be :

Cost One Year: £9,250

Total Cost: £27,750

Honors Degree:

The institute is in collaboration with the Mercury Theatre. Accommodation is provided via some suggestions in the site as linked. It appears you have to apply to one to get in. It also varies with prices for certain accommodations.

It cost £23 for multiple applications and £12 for a single application. However this was 2016 and the site specifies that it may change prices in 2017.

The service cost £23 for a multi application and £12 for a single application in 2016, however it is possible this may increase for 2017 Modules focus on: lighting, sound, stage management, scenic construction, work placements and working on productions.

The site itself seems a little outdated with its information dating back to 2014.

Colchester Accommodation 

The Maltings – Student Village at Quays:

It is 3 miles away from the university. All bills are included with Wi-Fi facilities. It comes with all the typical features such as beds, kitchen and storage space.

Student Shares

0.5 – 3 miles from the University. A deposit of one months rent is required. Prices between £250 – £350 per month. Available with bills included and excluded.

Home Stay: Self – Catering Accommodation

Landlords rent out rooms to us. We will have our own bedrooms and can use all facilities in the home. Rent is typically between £75 – £95. Deposit of two weeks rent is needed.


Winchester – The University Of Winchester (BA Bachelors Degree) (HONS)

Level: 4, 5 and 6 (One each year)

Requirements: A – C or 9-4 pass required in English Language.
2018 Entry: 96-112 points

UCAS code: PWJ4


3 Years Full Time

6 Year Part Time

Cost One Year: £9,500

Total Cost: £28,500 (3 years)

Scholarships are not available on this course.

One of my main strengths pursuing this particular university is all years are a lot of coursework base and I excel a lot in coursework. However in argument I want to improve what I already struggle in which would be practical work due to my confidence etc. Not having scholarships have made it difficult however funding is reasonable and loans and bursaries are available.

Works With: Theatre Royal Winchester, The Point in nearby Eastleigh and The Vault (In  The Student Union).

Winchester Accommodation

If you are living in University accommodation. required to pay residence fees (Details get sent to you) . A residence fee may be paid in full or in three equal instalments on 13 October 2017, 19 January 2018 and 11 May 2018 (Different When I Apply?). There is an early settlement discount if payment is received in full by 13 October 2017. For students in a single room the discount is £100; for students in a twin room the discount is £50.

I am not keen on this idea of knowing further details about accommodation till I have applied and got the offer.


London – Rose Bruford College (BA Bachelors Degree) (HONS)

Level. 6 (One Each Year) – Stage Management


96 UCAS Points

UCAS Institution Code: R51
UCAS Programme Code: W450


3 Years Full Time

Cost One Year: £9,250

Total Cost: £27,750 (3 Years)

This is a well desired college by all technicians and actors alike. It means I would want to apply early if I wanted a chance in getting in this University. I personally would like to aim for this college. My only downfall is that although I wouldn’t mind stage management I feel I may struggle with financials and would rather do a course more based around all areas. However this does cover all areas. I may struggle however I would love to try and it means it could add to my skills I am already studying and more.

Rose Bruford Accommodation

Christopher Court has 168 en-suite rooms opposite Sidcup train station and only 10 minutes walk away from Campus.


En-suite room with 3ft wide bed – £170
En-suite room with 4ft wide bed – £175

Not many options however there is one but it does have rent and feel I may struggle with renting.

UK or EU undergraduate students don’t need to pay tuition fees upfront as they will be eligible for Tuition Fees Loans. The loan covers the cost of the course and is paid directly to the College by the Student Loan Company.

Also includes work placement.


Research Overview So Far (Number 2.)

I find the only issue with doing my research this early on is that a lot of applications are still aimed at starting this year as opposed to next year due to being open for late applications. This also means that accommodation can be difficult however it is mainly so I know roughly where to find information on each website as well as have a rough idea of prices although they can vary each year.


London – University Of West London

Level: Level 4, 5 and 6 – Theatre Production (Design and Management)


120 – 128 UCAS Points (Normally minimum of two subject areas)

GCSE English and Maths or Level 2 equivalent

UCAS Code: W432


2 Years

Cost One Year: £9,250

Total Cost: £18,500 (2 Years)

Full Time Undergraduate Bursary: a £3,000 award for new undergraduate Students

Students starting in September 2017 – Applications close on 30 November 2017

Students starting in January 2018 – Applications close on 3 February 2018

Interview: Free

University Of West London Accommodation 

Paragon Student Lets

Year 2017/18 start from £152 per week

Paragon Student Lets will offer you two Licence Agreements for weekly periods of either 44 or 51 weeks.

I think this is a university I would want to aim for and currently out of the ones I researched into I feel this would be the best course for me to pursue. Especially as I am worried about the loans and this is a two year curse with the same topics all covered just more condensed to fit into the two years. The only real issue would be the UCAS points are higher so I would need to impress well during my interview obviously you do not rely solely on your UCAS grades however if you are above them by a lot it helps your chance greatly.

More Information

As I know this university is quite popular I asked in the Facebook conservatoire east group page if anyone knows or had opinions of this university. Two previous students commented saying it is amazing however it is only for general technicians. Which is what I want. One student who went for the Musical Theatre side of the courses said she did not like it however she was unsure on the technical side. Overall it seems out of last years production students they both liked it and recommend it greatly if you wish to pursue a all around technical course. One other ex production student said it is also great and has a good team that is nice and have lots of equipment.

I decided if want to apply to this university as a priority choice !



UCAS – Credits

I decided to look for a way to check my possible and current credits using this website.

My credits from last years grades are: 112 (Just For Production Theatre level.3 Year 1 Diploma)

Looking for university requirements I haven’t seen high any higher than 112 as a requirement.

For my target of either Merit or Distinction my credits will be: Merit= 96 Distinction= 168

This is also without my grades in GCSE and without my art course and Performing. Arts Level.2 .


UCAS – Courses Search

While on the Colchester Institute website it managed to send me to here. I looked up some courses but was actually unsure of what a Postgraduate and Undergraduate are. I decided to simply search it in google and found that a Postgraduate has done a university course typically and Undergraduate it is generally their first university course.



Quaysudbury (Unknown) TheQuay, Volunteers .Available at: http://www.quaysudbury.com/volunteers (Accessed: 1st September 2017)

Wolseytheatre (Unknown) A Warm Welcome To The New Wolsey Theatre .Available at:  https://www.wolseytheatre.co.uk/ (Accessed: 1st September 2017)

TheatreRoyal (Unknown) . Available at: https://www.theatreroyal.org/ (Accessed: 1st September 2017)

CurtainCall (Unknown) About Curtain Call . Available at: https://www.curtaincallonline.com/about (Accessed: 1st September 2017)

James,A.J. (Unknown) Alfie James Production Company . Available at: https://www.alfiejamesproductions.com/ (Accessed: 2nd September 2017

Indeed (Unknown) Indeed Technical Manager . Available at: https://www.indeed.co.uk/m/viewjob?jk=6463fe4bc890613a&from=serp&prevUrl=https%3A%2F%www.indeed.co.uk%2Fm%2Fjobs%3Fq%3DTheatre%2BTechnician%26l%3DSuffolk%26from%3DsearchOnSerp (Accessed: 2nd September 2017

Colchester Institute (Unknown) BA(HONS) in Technical Theatre . Available at: https://www.colchester.ac.uk/course/ba-hons-in-technical-theatre/ (Accessed: 4th September)

The University Of Winchester (Unknown) BA (HONS) Theatre Production (Arts and Stage Management) . Available at: http://www.winchester.ac.uk/Studyhere/Pages/ba-hons-theatre-production-arts-and-stage-management.aspx (Accessed: 4th September 2017)

Rose Bruford College (Unknown) Stage Management BA (Hons) . Available at:  https://www.bruford.ac.uk/courses/stage-management-ba-hons/ (Accessed: 5th September 2017)

University Of West London (Unknown) London College Of Music . Available at: http://www.uwl.ac.uk/academic-schools/music/courses-subject-areas/theatre-production (Accessed: 6th September 2017)

UCAS (Unknown) UCAS . Available at: https://www.ucas.com/ (Accessed: 7th September)

UCAS (Unknown) UCAS Points Calculator 2017 . Available at: http://www.universityfinder.org.uk/ucas-points-calculator.html (Accessed: 7th September 2017)




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