U5 & U6 – Task 4

My role in Bent is the sound technician. I will source the sounds which also includes formatting the sound effects appropriately. Also be taught and edit the sound effects for the show. I will also be controlling the sound effects during the show.

Date What I Plan To Do? How I Plan To Do It? Have I?

Did It Change?

4th-8th January 2017 ·         Take notes watching Bent (Every week till show if possible)


·         Start to collect and download some sound effects

Notepad for my notes.


I will download the sound effects needed via the internet and put them on my memory stick.

 At the moment I only have a few sound effects and am still in the noting process during rehearsals.
9th-15th January 2017 ·         Continue to download more sound effects and begin to clarify if some are good enough For now, I will ask the student stage manager which he thinks are ok. And if possible use some during rehearsals and see which ones the director likes and don’t.  Have collected more sound effects.
16th-22nd January 2017 ·         Continue to collect sound effects


·         Possibly if I am finishing with sound effects I can help with props if needed

Same method for sound effects collecting. When I reach towards the end or if someone else requests so I may need to edit the duration of the tracks.


For the asking if I am needed to help with props I will ask my group if I can help at all once I come towards the end of collecting sound effects as it is quite a short process compared to other parts to prepare.


Hopefully from now during Bent rehearsals me or another production team member can use the sounds I have got in rehearsals.

 Have now collected 1-2 of each sound effect I need so far. All of the blocking got finished this week. And am waiting to meet with the director to see which sound effects he thinks work and which don’t.
23rd-29th January 2017 ·         Hopefully I am coming towards the end of gathering sound effects


·         I can now start to edit the duration of the sound tracks if I need to or unless I already done so earlier


·         If towards the end ask if I am needed in general for anything

Start/ continue to edit the sound effects duration etc. possibly get it onto a CD or a playlist if needed?


After the editing I will ask if I can help the production team with anything if not then I will continue to make my notes on Bent as usual and possibly suggest or share the ideas. Also to help if anyone is lacking or lost any notes from Bent.


For editing I will most probably use a software on the Macs at as if specific edits are needed not just me but hopefully other production members know the software more too.


As far as editing I may need to ask a few simple things and get shown how to edit an example track so I know properly as I am unsure if I remember well enough.

30th-5th Jan-Feb 2017 ·         Making sure all the sounds are properly prepared and formatted how they need to be


·         Once sound effects are done I plan to look into certain things to do with props if not already done. However, if it is I plan to help join and help create/fine or buy the set.


·         I am hoping unless I have done so already I will be able to organise the sound effects into an orderly fashion. Also one other small note is I may need to add the Nazi and Greta’s Club sound tracks. (Or find them myself if needed?)

Continue editing the sound effects accordingly. And format them how they want them I will need to ask a teacher or another student who has worked on sound effects before and how they prepared them for the show.


To help out I will need to ask where I am needed most chances are it will either be helping create the costume since I can stitch and use sewing machines if needed. Or I may be needed to help with props.


When editing the sound effects make a playlist and add Nazi and Greta’s sound tracks if needed or search for period songs that are needed.

6th-12th February 2017 ·         From now I will just continue to make notes and add any sound effects to my list and get them done.


·         I will also continue to try and help with other parts of the production preparing and be a spare hand through out.


·         Sound effect test and preparation

Simply keep taking notes and add any new sound effects if needed.


From now I will be a spare once sound effects are finished. Possibly I could test them out some point soon or closer to the time. And also learn how to use the sound system here. This will mean I am prepared in my designated area by this time and I know how to run and use the electrical gear here.


I can also try a sound test as soon as we have a Bent rehearsal in the theatre since this is the venue of the performance. This will also allow me to hear the ideal volumes of each sound effect and note them down for the performance.

13th-19th February 2017 From here on I plan to be a spare hand unless assigned to something as well (If so I will edit my plan in advance once I am clear of what I needs to be done To do this I will continue my plan as an ongoing process since hopefully I should have prepared the sound by now if not I should be progressing towards the final stages or preparation for sound effects.

I will also continue to keep updates on where and what needs to be done and if I can help.

20th-26th February 2017 Continue to be a spare hand for the production team and add to sound effects if needed.


Also continue on my note and hopefully operate/ test run the sound effects with bent from now.


May edit if assigned another production task

Continue to be a spare hand for the production team and add to sound effects if needed.


Also continue on my note and hopefully operate/ test run the sound effects with bent from now.


May edit if assigned another production task

May edit if assigned another production task
27th-5th Feb-March 2017 If not yet shown as shows etc. I will need to be shown the sound system and work/learn how to use it. However, I highly doubt it would be this far on without me learning how to operate the sound effects at this stage. Be shown the sound effects and the system. A full run should be around this time so there should not be any issues or problems with this.
6th-10th March 2017 Performance week I will now hopefully be able to operate the sounds throughout the show. Self-explanatory.


1st Priority get sound effects.

2nd Organise/Edit sound effects.

3rd Prepare right format e.g. CD or playlist of sound effects.

4th Run sounds alongside Bent rehearsals.

5th Be an overall spare hand when needed in the team.



One thought on “U5 & U6 – Task 4”

  1. This is a solid action plan Jake, well done! You have carefully thought through the tasks you will need to complete. You have not included a paragraph on your role within the production team, so please add that above your action plan. Also, as we discussed in class, please can you add the holidays and other college events which will impact on your time in the lead up to the production. Also, please remember to update this each week with what you have achieved and move along tasks which you need to concentrate on, if they have not been completed.


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