U5 & U6 – Task 1

Context of Show

Set in 1930s Set in Berlin a play by Martin Sherman and play in 1979. The show in short is about Gays and Nazi Germans prosecuting them. And takes place before and after the Night of the Long Knifes. The show follows Max and other Gay and victims of slaves in a Nazi camp. You follow him in his journey as loads of occurrences happen through out the show each one very powerful through out.

First set in Berlin in Max and Rudy’s apartment events happen through out which lead them to a Nazi camp. My personal analysis of this show is that is educates people then and even now when  the show came out. Being about how gays were targeted by Nazis and to what extent through out the show. The show has a variety of strong themes such as sex, murder, rape etc. all sorts of topics that was never really touched upon in most general shows.


Article title: Bent (play)
Website title: En.wikipedia.org
URL: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bent_(play)


Social Context of Show

Potsdamer Platz

Article title: Berlin In The 1930s
Website title: All That Is Interesting
URL: http://all-that-is-interesting.com/berlin-in-the-1930s

One note would be Berlin was still fairly crippled in debt after World War I, As a result this affected Berlin for quite some time. As well as Adolf Hitler making a strong appearance in 1930s Berlin.

Two notable events that my have influenced the social context and why the show was set in 1930s:

Weimar Republic (1918-1933)

After World War I the Monarchy was overthrown, However Germany was now Republic although they faced many problems through out because of this.

Third Reich (1933-1945)

1931 by this time great depression had hit Berlin greatly and as a effect Berlin’s economy suffered a great deal from this. Politics also was greatly damaged from the effect of this.Nazis also moved in to take control of the nation. At one point political people got imprisoned or went into exile after 27 February 1933.


Article title: History of Berlin
Website title: En.wikipedia.org
URL: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Berlin#Third_Reich_.281933.E2.80.931945.29

Through a bit of research and general knowledge Berlin although looked okay building wise etc. Was financially struggling and a lot changed during 1930 all of which would influence the show social context and Berlin.

For example suffering from the great depression in this time. Hence the fact clubs and bars would be a good place for most people who want some entertainment around this era. It would also compare to the personality of certain character actually in the play and how thier character is influenced by the war and great depression.

For example Greta is a character who actually told soldiers where gay people were to get money. One reason may be in her dialogue she actually explains about the struggle she is having running the bar and she might close it. In the play only two notable places are in the script which are set in the town of Berlin would be Rudy’s and Max’s house and Greta’s bar. One is shown as small and the other barely standing financially.

Actually with saying this The house and bar seem to be struggling to pay rent, tax’s etc. This is probabaly to link in with the great depression and financial struggle from world war I still in 1930’s.

Personally I think a whole other social context is shown in the Nazi camp. This place would generally be silent apart from a few people around. Soldiers would use prisoners/slaves as a toy in most cases. And the prisoners would either work to death or get killed for to obeying. Generally this place was a do or die area for people.


Martin Sherman

Martin Sherman is the playwright of Bent. I thought i would research into some history about him. As sometimes writers playwrights are influenced by themselves as well as other events. It may also influence the characters and most importantly the message of the performance.

December 22, 1938 (age 77)

Single child – Not sure on the depth of this however possibly being a single child can suggest loneliness? However that is only a random possibility with no backing.

Religion: Jewish – I found this interesting as this makes a personal connection to him and the play as he was actually Jewish and one of the targets and least respected people were Jews and gays in the concentration camps.

Sexuality: Gay – yet another interesting concept he was born in 1938 during the time concentration camps was happening around him and gays and Jews was being targeted and hated. This is also very interesting as his play is about both Jews and gays. This makes it quite clear the point of his playwright was to educate people of the horrors as well as keep people aware being racist and homophobic still exists in our day and age. Lastly is shows that this show may have been fairly personal to him due to him being a open Jewish gay man.


Article title: Martin Sherman

Website title: En.wikipedia.org

URL: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Sherman


One thought on “U5 & U6 – Task 1”

  1. This is an excellent piece of work Jake, well done! You have shown a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the subject matter and have independently identified thorough and sustained research. You are working to a very high standard here!
    Things to focus on for improvement are:
    – Proof read your work (or ask someone else to), as you make typos or use the incorrect spelling and grammar frequently throughout your work.
    – Get rid of the term ‘personally’. If you say ‘I think/feel/believe’, I know that you are stating your thoughts/feelings/beliefs, I don’t need you to say the word personally as well.
    – Be careful to use the word ‘concept’ correctly. Look up the definition and then have a read through your work and see whether you have used it correctly or not. If you think you haven’t, then please amend the sentence with a more appropriate phrase.
    – Revisit Harvard Referencing as you have not referenced correctly here. In particular focus on in-text citations and also how you should list the source in your bibliography. Ask me if you are confused but also look at the library’s website – their guide is really clearly laid out and very helpful.


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