U5 & U6 – Task 2

Timeline Berlin


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Berlin was built.

1933 :

Nazi headquarters moved to Berlin from Munich.

– This plays a good part in the context of the play as 1933 was when Nazi headquarters first moved into Berlin. This means that this could play a part in rumours and how this affects townspeople. It will also play a part in the decisions of the time the play of Bent is set in due to there being a concentration camp which is ran by Nazi’s.

First Nazi concentration camp is formed at Dachau.

– This is extremely important as far as setting Bent goes as the place where Max is sent to and met Horst is actually Dachau. This would easily show that the show picked this particular concentration camp as it was the first ever Nazi camp. This means as far as development for characters and ideas it would be greatly influenced by the fact this is the first Nazi camp. Meaning the people in Berlin and other places would slowly be finding out about this however most are clueless and do not know the hard life the prisoners have there.

  • 26th April: Nazi Gestapo (secret police) headquartered in Berlin, on Prinz-Albrecht-Straße.

– In the scene with Max and Rudy they are actually caught and arrested by the Gestapo.

  • 10th May: Nazi book burnings in Opernplatz.

– This was seen as a act of rebellion and caused was blamed on political people. Later on this made political influences either get imprisoned or sent into exile. However there are rumours it was planned and was framed upon them.

  • City becomes capital of the Greater German Reich


Sachsenhausen concentration camp and Berlin-Marzahn concentration camp made near city.

– Having a concentration camp nearby is a sure influence on people in Berlin. This means that people would have been more cautious and a lot of people would be killed or taken as prisoner. A lot of people went in hiding due to the concentration camp nearby. The concentration camp was relevant as in Bent there is a concentration where Max and Rudy are sent too.


Berlin is bombed in World War II

– This may not relate to Bent however this would be the state of Berlin just after Bent was set.


Battle of Berlin (RAF campaign) begins.


  • 16th April Battle of Berlin begins.
  • 30th April: Death of Adolf Hitler.
  • 2nd May: Battle of Berlin ends.

Liberation of Dachau


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Dachau Concentration Camp 


American troops guarding the main entrance to Dachau just after liberation, 1945

Original use was to be used as a political prison however it was then expanded and used as a concentration camp.
Open: 1933–1945

Liberated by United States, 29 April 1945

N.O Inmates: over 188,000 (estimated)
People Killed: 31,951 (reported)

Article title: Dachau concentration campSource:

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One thought on “U5 & U6 – Task 2”

  1. This is a good piece of work Jake, well done. You make some very valid points in your discussion over the historical timeline and how the events relate to the narrative of the play.
    Be careful again to proof read your work to ensure correct grammar and spelling. Also double check Harvard referencing.


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