U5 & U6 – Task 6

Presentation Evaluation

What Went Well?

I felt I had a clear and loud voice. I also covered key information and kept it organised. I also made sure to only have titles on my powerpoint about what I am speaking about. I felt this had positives and negatives when presenting as it means that i need to be more engaging when speaking. Although it meant that some people may get bored or not be interested. It also means that the information I was sharing may not be remembered as well due to them not having anything to read. I did not stop for too long at any point however maybe this was bad too I feel I could have paced myself a bit better on the presentation. I am not sure some audience members said that they lost interest however most said it was mainly due to my eye contact and lack of information on my slides. I also feel that my technical language I used was effective as well. I did not use too many umm or soo in the presentation.


From the feedback I got told although I was confident and spoke well I need to look at the people more rather than fixate on the centre since this meant some people lost interest or felt involved. I also feel that next time I should have some bullet points of a brief explanation of what I am talking about. Also possibly some pictures would help when presenting too. As well as since I am doing sound something a student said to me later is I could have played some sound effects as a example of what I have collected so far. I also feel I could have structured my information a bit better although it was not random I felt some information such as me saying what the show is was a little unneeded although this was my first presentation in the production side of things.

By looking at other people’s presentations one is particular I liked was James and felt that he interacted with the audience well by actually mentioning what each of us are doing and how far we have got. I feel that if possible depending on what side of production I am dealing with I can possibly name some production members to grab their attention.


As far as my action plan I have been on schedule quite well and now have at least two of each required sound effect minimum. I will also be planning to meet the director next week to cut and keep which sound effects he thinks are suitable.

To progress after the meeting I will need to think about asking to be shown how to use cue lab and the sound system. And also gather any sound effects I still need after the meeting. I also want to play some sound effects in the theatre on the sound system to test the quality and etc.  Lastly I may need to edit some sound effects. After my sound effects are sourced I plan to help contribute more by trying to help with props and costumes as well as other things.

For next time I will make sure to have more information on my powerpoint. And make sure I look at the audience more. I will also get cue cards next time as my notepad was a little bit hard to use. Another question during the feedback was did I have a sound effects list although I did I completely forgot to show them and had to look through my notepad which wasted time. So next time I should include my plans.

I did not mention that I am making a post with my specific information on how and what I am doing with the sound effects. And also that I have made a sound effect list ready for the meeting with the director.



One thought on “U5 & U6 – Task 6”

  1. Well done Jake, this is a very thoughtful evaluation. You have effectively communicated your analysis of your presentation (skills and content) and have demonstrated independent thought processes, and how you have made decisions on your progress moving forwards. I really like the attention you give to your action plan and your intentions to help out other areas, as I’m sure will be necessary, when we get to pre-production week.
    Please take care to proof read your work after you have finished writing it, as you have made some typing/grammatical errors that I think you could probably have spotted yourself. Also, please don’t finish a sentence with ‘etc.’ Always state what other things you are referring to and finish the sentence properly. If you are unsure about any of the points I have made, please do come and ask me. Well done!


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