U5 & U6 – Task 7

Risk Who It Effects Action Taken
Bruising to cast member Ryan Adam (Actor)


In this scene he is beaten with a truncheon it is a stage truncheon so it will have the appearance and sound of a real one. However, the force of the hits can still bruise and hurt the cast member. They have done several practice run using it to make sure no harm is done to the cast member .
Fire Hazard – Pyros Everyone We made sure to spray fire proof spray on the fence. And also added a guard in front of the pyro so it doesn’t miss shot towards the audience. Lastly we made sure there was a distance between the pyro and any objects and actors.
Sound Effects Everyone We have some sound effects that are quite loud however we have set the sound effects to a suitable but loud volume still.
Tripping – Wires Everyone We have made sure to tape down the wires so they are not a trip hazard anymore.
Wire Fence Actors Everything has been made sure it is secure and the barbed wire is only on the top of the fence to make sure it can’t catch on anything.


Actors During the Dachau camp scenes Max and Horst carry rocks back and forth across the stage. This is slightly avoided as a safety risk as almost all the scenes Max and Horst wear steel toe cap shows.
Props etc. – Moving and Placing Actors Props are placed on stage several times like most shows. The places of the props etc. have been spiked on stage to make it easier for the actors. And have had several practice runs to place the props etc. in the right place. Also when props are off stage they are in the wings there is side lighting with blue gels for the actors to be able to see in the wings.
Pocket Knifes Dylan Brown (Actor) In this scene he is killed and his throat is slit with the knife. Although it is not Chris has to make sure it looks like it is and has done several runs with the pocket knife to ensure it looks real but will not cause any real harm to Dylan
Guns Nazi Guards (Actors) The guns are real the original plan was to fire blanks rather than the sound effect. However, the sounds from the was unreliable and sometimes too loud or quiet so for health and safety the gun sound effect will be used instead. Also the actors have practiced holding the guns during practice runs to get use to the weight of the guns.

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