U8 – Task 2 (Risk Assessment)

Hazard Who It Affects? Action Taken
Steel Deck




General Set Up










We will ensured rails are used on the stairs and higher steel decks to prevent any falling and make the steel deck overall more safe.

We also will make sure that when the steel deck is up that it is stable and all the steel deck legs are the right length. One easy way we will see this is by comparing all the legs making sure they are the same or very similar length. Also once the steel deck is up we can walk and test that it is stable enough for the performers.

Also any ledges that are exposed with no rails we will put white tape on them so they were visible.

With the steel deck to further secure them and make sure they are properly set up we would first tighten them by hand then use a spanner to make the bolts in them to make them as tight as possible.

Haze Machine




Technical Faults


Smoke Caps

Everyone Someone under the steel deck will use the haze machine when needed . This person will also make sure it is switched on and off properly. Also a small note was the haze we use will not affect anyone’s breathing and is completely safe.

We had to be aware of the fire hazard however we will need to use smoke caps on the fire alarms to prevent the haze machine setting the alarms off and causing the show to come to close. However there are several fire exits which are always kept clear and during the start of the show the procedures if a fire occurs would be explained.

Scenery Construction Everyone This mainly applies to the proscenium arch which we will put some sort of support e.g.. metal safety chains onto something to prevent it from falling.

Also when the set is being put up ensure there is enough people setting it up to prevent any injuries to the production team.










Everyone For costumes the dress run will be to ensure all the costumes fit well and was no real trip hazard for the actors

For wires we will tape them down so they are a reduced trip hazard.

For several ledges we will mark them out with white tape so they are more visible becoming a reduced tripping hazard visible.

General Electrical’s Technicians Ensure that all wires are properly put in. also that all electrical’s used have passed safety standards. And also that all wires are covered and not exposed.
Tallescope Ladder




Working At Heights

Technicians This mainly applies when technicians are rigging the lights. To help secure the Tallescope one other person should be at the bottom of the ladder making sure it is secure. As well as making sure all the legs of the ladder are out to help secure it.
Fire Occurs Everyone In case of fires ensure that at the start of the show the fire doors are said. And also that everyone is evacuated form the building. This would also cause the show to come to a close if either a fire alarm was set off or a fire occurred.
Rigging Lighting Everyone When rigging the lights we need to ensure all of them are rigged properly and safely. And also that each light has a safety chain attached onto them this prevents them from falling off the rig if they did somehow loosen.
Fire Doors




Fire Extinguishers

Everyone We as a production team need to make sure there is space and nothing is blocking the fire doors.

We also need to be aware of where fire extinguishers are as a production team however if a fire did occur teachers would mainly guide everyone in theatre.



One thought on “U8 – Task 2 (Risk Assessment)”

  1. Well done Jake, this is a comprehensive risk assessment with detailed thoughts on minimising the risks involved in this production. Remember the ‘risk’ is the resulting injury to someone, not the action carried out. We will cover this again in year 2 to clarify.


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