Unit 8 – Task 3 (Production)

This production will be a collaborative production. Collaborative meaning that it has more than one group of people working on it. Both year 1 and year 2 production arts will be working on the show. This includes all research and ideas from both years towards the shows.

Collaborative also means that is makes me part of the team along with the other years of production arts. This will also mean that as a team we need to support each other and make the show together.

As a stage manager the people I collaborate with are very general meaning I should know what everyone is doing and progressing towards in the show. Although the main people I should be collaborating the most with would would be the stage manager and director.

1/9 , 2/9, 3/9 and 4/9 – These four clips show the preparation of the show and set. This is us creating the set putting it up and preparing for the technical rehearsal as well as organising any props and costumes and setting up the steel deck and preparing anything.

5/9 and 6/9 – These two clips are the technical rehearsals for Bonnie and Clyde. 5/9 is just the cast no band doing the technical rehearsal. 6/9 is a technical rehearsal with the band.

8/9 – This clip is of the final show night on Saturday and is only act 1.

9/9 – This clip is of the interval turnaround in preparation for act 2 of Bonnie and Clyde.

7/9 – This clip is of the take down of Bonnie and Clyde set and the set up for the next show which is Saints and Sinners.





One thought on “Unit 8 – Task 3 (Production)”

  1. Jake, you have shown a comprehensive understanding of the subject context here and also an in-depth understanding and aesthetic awareness. You used imaginative and flexible processes, skills and knowledge which you have applied in extensive enquiry to develop creative solutions.


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