U8 -Task 1 (Research)

Bonnie and Clyde Show (YouTube) Video Analysis/Ideas


I decided to look online for a version of Bonnie and Clyde the main reason for this was I have never seen a production of Bonnie and Clyde yet and figured this would be a good way to start off my ideas and see a production of Bonnie and Clyde. Although I have had a read-through of the script. I found this research was probably the most useful for me as I gave me a great insight of the show. It also meant that it gave me lots of ideas for the show.

Looking at the show straight away in the Prologue I noticed on the costumes for Bonnie and Clyde where they are foreseen as dead they have a grey dusting on their costumes. It would be nice if we could think about this for some costumes and times in the show. It also sounds overall useful for any future productions we may do.

Another thing relating to costume design is that they had quite bland and dark colours on the citizens. For example beige, dark brown and black and white. Even the main characters generally had dull colours being things like light pink or just plain suits and jackets. Occasionally though there would be colourful costumes which was mainly Bonnie’s.

Overall lighting design they mainly used dark blue as their main base colour or open white during the majority of Act: 1. However in Act: 2 the lighting design got a bit more colourful as the show went on even with a few points the sike being used with some bright colours. Something interesting I found with the lighting in this production was that occasionally there was black shadows to create a wooden effect onto the stage and sometimes the projections. Although I liked this idea I feel it would be hard to Imitate in our theatre and would mean lots of positioning and technical difficulties.

Also the main colours that were used were: Open White – lots of scenes with open white. Dark Blue – again another common colour they used in this production. Reds – was rarely used but it was used a few times one time just after someone had been shot occasionally mixed with another colour to add to the scenes. Oranges/Yellows – These were used from time to time mainly in the café scenes and a couple of other scenes as well.

Something else that I liked about this lighting for this production is that a lot of the time the stage would actually have a texture and the sike which was generally used a projection space would have a image with a similar effect giving it a almost theme during the scenes. With lighting one other idea I noticed form this production was lots of open white specials was used during the show.

With this production they had a kind of set up where there screens could get reeled up and down to make a sike as well as make them able to change the scenes backdrops. This would be a extremely difficult task to do with our theatre and we have no where near enough space or budget to be able to do this.



Bonnie and Clyde Musical Numbers Lighting Design Ideas

I decided to familiarise myself with his musical I would listen to all the songs from the musical and make a note of any ideas I have based off other productions and the musical numbers. Although our version may be different the lyrics are the same and I doubt any blocking will change drastically.

Prologue: Typically is where the car with Bonnie and Clyde is shown to the audience. I feel the lighting design for this would most probably be either open white or dark blue. If it was open white fairly dim however. Another thing to note about the prologue is it has lots of projections from the real life Bonnie and Clyde so it will need to be considered how bright the lights are. Also the fact the more dimly lit it is the more a impact it may have when noticed.

Picture Show: Young Bonnie comes on stage and starts to sing about her fantasy world she has. Depending on whether the car is still on stage or not can affect how this scenes lighting mood can work. I would say bright colours such as red and blues can be used to contrast the prologue however if the car is still on stage possibly use open white with yellows and oranges as another option but the open white more lit so everything is seen more and not dimly lit still. Another option would be a follow spot on Young Bonnie this way the car could be taken off during the song.

This world Will Remember Me: I would say for this song either open white lights or orange and yellows for this song. Its quite a relaxed song overall and does not need any in your face lighting effects.

You’re Going Back To Jail: Quite a funny song bit of stress release compared to the rest of the musical. Not real ideas however it is a salon so that may play a part in the lighting design for this scene.

Gods Arms Are Always Open: For this scene I feel it would be quite well lit with open white. Maybe some sort of colour shining in on the stage to represent a stained glass window since it is set in a church.

You Can Do Better Than Him: Again not many ideas on this scene other than lighting up the two character Ted and Clyde with separate areas lit up for them to sing.

You Love Who You Love: Sang by Bonnie and Blanche to each other. I feel this scene would not change too drastically considering before they start to sing it is inside Blanche’s house. Maybe add spotlight to the two character or a small touch of red to the scene.

Raise A Little Hell: With raise a little hell it is in Clyde’s prison cell. So this would probably be a overall dim lighting state possibly with a open white light maybe profile directed towards clyde. Maybe some reds as well since the scene slowly builds up and red is a colour that can relate to anger.

This World Will Remember Us: Not sure on lighting ideas for this number.

Made In America: With made in america I feel quite a dimmed lighting state possibly slowly lighten as the song goes on. I was thinking oranges and yellows.

Too Late To Turn Back Now: With this song it is set inside so i feel the lighting for this will be quite natural.

What Was Good Enough For You: Sang as Clyde’s parents leave him then later leads onto Bonnie singing about her parents as well. I feel this would be a fade to focus onto Clyde after his parents leave. then when Bonnie comes on stage it could have her lit up in oranges or open whites. Then possibly when the two sing together intensify the oranges and yellows possibly a little bit of reds as it essentially turns into a slightly love like scene.

Bonnie: With this song it is very realistic I feel with a few interruptions as well. I feel my lighting idea for this would be fairly natural orange and yellows. possibly darkened around the stage to make a smaller focus area when singing. However when interrupted it needs to be a lighting state that still works throughout the song and its line interrupts.

Raise A Little Hell (Reprise): This time round in the song Clyde’s actually escapes. I feel the darkened state would be used again. Although when escaping possibly add some sort of small colour possibly dark blue to stage. Again i feel during a build some faded reds may work as well.

Dyin Ain’t So Bad: During this song Bonnie says dying with Clyde wouldn’t be too bad. It is first set inside the house. So I feel once Blanche leaves the scene it could focus onto Bonnie. Maybe a spotlight or open white profile to focus onto her.

Gods Arms (Reprise): With this reprise it is Blanche and her dying husband Buck. I feel the lighting state would be dim maybe lit by dark blues. After blanche is caught and arrested so the lights would need to come up slightly as after the chorus comes on stage.

You Can Do Better Than Him: This moves quite a bit from Clyde and Ted. So I am unsure on ideas. However it would need to light them both up. possibly quite natural light maybe yellows and some small focus spots onto them.

Picture Show (Reprise): Sang by Young Bonnie and Young Clyde. With this i feel picture show is one of the few times it enters a fantasy like zone. I feel a lot of colours blues, oranges, reds and pinks can be used in this song. After it will fade to natural then into a scene with Bonnie and clyde.

How Bout A Dance (Reprise): With this song it gets interrupted abruptly so i feel it would be orange and yellows with reds and warm colours. and when interrupted it would go a lot more cold or dark leading into the scene coming up.

My General Lighting Design Ideas

For Bonnie and Clyde I have a few general ideas about what lighting colours we may use. The main one would be using oranges and yellows this typically suggests sunsets and for country western is a common colour. It also sets the mood, time and weather condition of the place. West Texas is typically known for being barren and very warm. The oranges and yellows we could use would suggest a roaring sun.

Another idea is reds some scenes which involve: Bonnie and Clyde as well as Buck and Blanche as several times they get suggestive or raunchy Red is a perfect colour to introduce during the show in parts when this happens. Red is commonly known as the colour of love and has lots of suggestion behind it. Also with colours I feel pinks may be quite nice although this would only be for what I call the fantasy scenes. I also mentioned a Church stained window possibly this could be a gobo of some sort although I am unsure on this idea as room is limited on the rig and it would only be used a maximum of two times so this may be a idea if we have spare time and room and on the rig.

Lastly for night times it is typically very cold in Texas. One colour which works for a night-time setting would be dark blues mixed with open white. The open white is mainly just so the scene can be seen and will be fairly dim. Dark Blue seems like a good idea as it suggest night-time but we still want the scene to be visible and it is also the closest to black where the scene can still be seen. Also the reason dark blue may be a good idea is it can be mixed into other colours during the scenes.

My final idea from seeing the show and reading the script is forest gobo’s as there are several scenes in the show where they are in a forest or woods where the forest gobo can be used.



Character Research

Bonnie Research

Bonnie Parker.jpg

When Bonnie died she had a marriage ring however it was not Clyde’s. She married  Roy Thornton at the age of 15. He was a high school mate. However the marriage went downhill and Roy then got imprisoned in 1929 for robbery. She also never divorced Roy when she met Clyde. As well as when Bonnie and Clyde got killed Bonnie still had the wedding ring and a tattoo on her right thigh which said ‘Bonnie and Roy’ and also had a small picture of two interlocked hearts.

I had included this as possibly we could put the wedding ring from Roy on Bonnies finger through out the show. It is a small detail that people who have searched into the show may pick up on.

On June 10th 1933 Bonnie was in the passengers seat with Clyde. They was speeding along rural roads in North Texas. They went so fast they passed a construction sign on a bridge and crashed into a barricade. They went at 70 miles per hour. The car then went into a river where the car battery poured out and went over Bonnie’s leg. This caused her and Clyde to both have a limp. It caused third degree burns to her leg and hopped sometimes and occasionally needed Clyde to carry her.

This was just interesting research in the musical version the limp will most likely not be included due to it being over done and can come across comical. Also the limp is generally not seen in the musical version.

Bonnie and Clyde were buried separately. Bonnie’s mother wanted the two to be buried separately who got Bonnie buried at Dallas Cemetery. Clyde was buried next to his brother Marvin (Buck).

The reason why I included this in my research was it shows how much of a grudge Bonnie’s mum (Emma) has against Clyde although the two loved each other and would probably want to be buried together she would not approve not even in death.

Clyde Research

Clyde Barrow.jpg

Above is Clyde Barrow’s real mug shot. The shot was from McLennan County Jail in March 1930.

Clyde tried to enlist for the Navy however was rejected when medical checks happened their is several things which could have caused the rejection. It was hard for Clyde however ass he had already had USN tattooed on his left arm.

The reason I wrote this into my research was it was interesting of course the chances are tattoos will not be used in the production however this also proved that Clyde had some sort of illness he suffered from at the time.

Clyde’s first arrest was actually due to failing to return a rented car. First arrested in 1926. He had rented the car in Dallas to visit his high school girlfriend. Although the rental agency dropped charges it still remained on his arrest record. Then three weeks later he was arrested once again with Buck for more crimes. One which was stealing a truckload of turkeys.

Just a general fact I decided to include it kind of shows small character development as this would mean he almost fell into being a criminal by accident.

In prison Clyde had two of his toes chopped off with a axe. Supposedly by himself in hopes of getting a prison transfer due to the fact he was essentially raped in  prison and treated extremely bad. Although it may have been another prison sources point towards it being clyde himself.

I found this interesting as it shows how much Clyde went through in prison and is good to know for character development. Although chances are we will not include this small details such as toes being chopped off as it is not shown in the script or musical version.

Blanche Research

blanche barrow 2

Born: 1st January 1911 – Garvin, McCurtain County, Oklahoma, USA

Died: 24th December 1988 – Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA

Married Buck: 2nd July 1931

When getting pursued Blanche was shot in the face which left her blinded in her eye. Although this is not in the musical version it is interesting. When she was caught she was charged with assault with intent to kill. She got sentenced with 10 years. After her sentence she then moved back to Dallas and met Eddie Frasure in 1940. She then completed her parole one year later and then lived and died with her husband Eddie. She died 1988 aged 77. I mainly included this research as it was interesting to know what Blanche did as she was the one who lived and didn’t get killed. In the musical she is depicted as a feisty almost sassy and upper class women who believes she is right. And she has a strong belief in god.

Buck Research

Buck Barrow

Born: 14th March 1905 – Telico, Ellis County, Texas, USA

Died: 29th July 1933 – Perry, Dallas County, Iowa, USA

Married Blanche: 2nd July 1931

His real name is Marvin Barrow. Originally when he 18 or 19 he started working with Clyde to do car repairs. This later then led him onto his life of petty crime. Buck although was shot and wounded in his head during the shoot out which follows the script however there was a 2nd time he got into a shootout. This time he was wounded in his back Buck and Blanche was both caught during  this shootout. Buck admitted to shooting and killing Marshal Humphrey in Arkansas. Later after he had admitted this Buck fell into a coma and died. In the musical he is depicted as wanting excitement.

I found this research to be useful as it gave me lots of knowledge and facts about the characters. The sources I used seemed good and were helpful to my research and allowed me to search into the back story of the characters. It also meant that I could possibly add some of the real life facts about them into the show or make it a suggestion. It also allowed me to get a idea of what the character look like in real life which is very important especially for Bonnie and Clyde as these character are quite iconic in their own ways and in most versions the characters are made to resemble their real life versions.


Costume Ideas

Clyde: With Clyde there is only one costume which i feel is a must need and that would be his suit. However at the beginning it would be a beige top which is quite baggy. Maybe a cowboy hat as well since Clyde was a person who had a interest in the Cliche cowboy look. When him and Bonnie get more a bit more glamorous Clyde would go more formal with black suits and a bowler hat. Or another difference would be some sort of small accessory as Clyde was not a person who wish to stand out as much as Bonnie. Maybe rather than dressing formal he could just get richer materials but still a cowboy styled look?.

Bonnie: With Bonnie and her costume she changes her costumes a lot in the production. Some things which are a must are a small bonnets and a garter. Possibly a small cardigan to match that of the real life Bonnie as seen in the picture above. I feel later on in the show her costumes may start getting a bit more glamourous. Maybe even add colours like reds to her costumes. She is one of the few characters who i would picture to add colours as back in this time period colours were a rarity and was mainly beige, brown, black and white clothing.

Blanche: The only real costume that is essential to blanche would be her riding breeches. I feel out of the riding breeches she would dressed quite plain beige dresses.

Buck: With Buck’s costume ideas I feel from the picture above he would wear suits and ties. And overall as a character would be overwhelmed by Blanche trying to make him into the man of her dreams. I feel because of this he would be in very formal clothes.

General Folk: For general folk obviously it would be quite varied clothing. However a few colours such as beige and brown clothing would be very common. i feel some would be basic clothing especially poor folk such as beige or cream trousers quite baggy. maybe some sort of small cardigan for some to keep them warm. For some men possibly dressed in a cowboy fashion although this is mainly for the sheriffs. I feel some people may have bonnets or hairnets as well. definitely no bold colours however as they are generally more pricy and most of the general folk is going through the great depression meaning money is low for this part of Texas.

Police + Law: For police and law the majority would have some sort of uniform. Possibly beige and light brown cowboy clothing. some in black tops with police caps. For police quite professional with the sheriffs etc. they would probably be a bit more lenient and some would be more scruffy with the way they wear their clothing.

Also something to note is that it was common of the women to always be wearing dresses in this time period and men were either quite casual clothing or in suits commonly if they could afford suits that is.

Hairstyle Ideas

Although this is typically done by the actors or hairdressing students I decided I would say my ideas in my research on it.

Clyde: His hair would probably be darker since the original Clyde had a dark hair colour so probably black or a dark brown would suit best. I figured it would swept to the side and would try and match his hairstyle of the real life Clyde as much as possible. Also the length of Clyde’s hair would probably be short as well as it was a common length and hair style in Texas for Men.

Bonnie: Her hair would be at shoulder length and be coloured red or ginger red. This is probably the most important character hair wise as in the script a few times her hair is referenced. As she is called the ‘Ravishing Redhead’ Also another reason why Bonnie’s hair makes sense to be shoulder length is occasionally she wears hats and it typically looks nicer with shoulder length hair rather than long hair and hats. Lastly another reason her hair would be shoulder length and coloured reddish or ginger red is the real life Bonnie has a hairstyle like this and in Broadway shows for both Bonnie and Clyde the hairstyle helps depict and symbolise their characters.

Blanche: Her hair is not too strict but would probably be shoulder length as well or maybe a bit longer than Bonnie’s hair. Possibly curled as well as she was the type of person who got her hair done quite often and even owns a salon.

Buck: Being the brother to Clyde I feel the hair colour of Buck should be Similar to Buck to help make the connection clearer. As for length short would probably work well. Overall again not too strict with Blanche and Buck’s hairstyles.

General Folk: I feel for general people hairstyles would be quite varied. I feel for men hair would be shaggy unkept and for women long hair badly damaged may be quite common. As far as overall hair colours mainly browns and blacks as this is a common hair colour overall.

Salon Ladies + Hairdressers: A few people can afford to get hair permed and curled. These would mainly be the salon ladies and hairdressers. They may have some sort of colour although still quite nice well kept natural hair colours.

Police + Law: For these I feel hair would be kept short maybe not well kept but the majority of them with short hair styles. The main reason for this is for law and police they sometimes wear helmets, police hats or even cowboy hats. Generally being police or sheriffs would have some sort of requirements on their uniforms.


Props Research/ Ideas

First Appears Act: One Scene: Two

Bonnie and Clyde Death Car

Known as the ‘Death Car’ Bonnie and Clyde had their final moments when Police shot tonnes of bullets at the car. smashed glass and loads of bullet holes now lie in the car and the famous Bonnie and Clyde. Multiple cars are used however the main car which is the ‘Death Car’ was a Ford V-8 Sedan. The car is still on show even to this day in the lobby of Whiskey Pete’s Casino in Prim, Nevada. It is a small resort town that is on the California border 40 miles south of Las Vegas. Also a extra detail the death car looking at real images of the car it appears to have been a cream colour.

Bonnie Car Rpught Scketch

Above is a sketch of the car in Bonnie and Clyde. I decided to draw it out as simple as I could while trying to keep all the distinguishing features needed to make this car. It was mainly just to give me a small idea of the features the car will need in its design to make it more distinguished.

Bonnie and Clyde Car Discussion

We spoke about ideas in pairs on how we could create the car which needs a clever design to suit our theatre as well as being able to keep at a good budget. I spoke slightly more about the actual detail of the car as in the end it is shown with bullet holes and blood. Although me and Richard spoke about the obvious idea of just using the front of the car rather than a full scaled one. Quite similar to the picture above on the bottom right. Although we would darken the back. I spoke about burning the bullet holes into the car. And also I said that if we decided to use fake blood on the side of the car it may be difficult as if its made of wood with metallic paint it may just soak it up. We also said that due to weight and etc. chances are it would be a mixture of materials to create  the car for the scene. Also cracked glass could be in the details of the car possibly sugar glass? the reason sugar glass may work is it easily breaks meaning we could break it to how we want. However sugar glass can be quite pricey and is fairly fragile meaning there is a chance it could break when we move the car onto and off stage. There was other ideas suggested by the group too one was the car is actually made in a fold up design meaning it would be easier to set. Another idea was to create the car in several parts. And another was to create it so the parts of the car can part together with Velcro or other things to hold them together and be able to take it apart easier.

1930’s Hair Dryer 

Act: One Scene: Three

We had a small talk about the hair dryer as a crew. I mentioned it worried how we would get a hold of one but as I looked at pictures it looked like it would not be impossible for us to create one. It is essentially a metal hat with plastic around it. It is attached to the chair which another crew member mentioned it looks similar to a mic stand.

Looking more into this I now have more knowledge after looking at more websites. And looking at some sites there is a few designs we could use for the scene. The most obvious would be the most comedic however I feel the best way would be to ask the director after showing some images of various choices he could maybe use, and we could try and design them. One thing to note with the design would it affect anything for example the weight if the head hair dryers were connected. Of course they need to be realistic but at the same time they need to be adapted for the show.

Below is various pictures of the head dryers we may be able to use.

1930 november.jpg

Above – 1930 (Women Trying New Hair Dryer) Hair Dressing Fair London

One complication of this hair dryer although in the right period it seems to not cover the head much meaning as far as for the show it may not be suited best for our design ideas.

Hair steam apparatus 1930

Above – 1930 (Hair Steaming Apparatus) Hair Dressing Exhibition London

A lot more covered however if its a bad design it can lot slightly displeasing as the chances to buy any of these rather than create them is very slim. It also adds a lot of comedy if we decided to use this design. Also as far as designing from raw materials it does not look too complicated. The only issue would be making sure the metal used on top was not too heavy as it could cause problems when  moving it.

1932 Dryer.png

Above – 1932 (Supreme Pedestal Hair Dryer) Hair Dressing Exhibition London

Quite similar issue to the top picture just more modernised slightly. A bit better at covering the hair. Although it does give me a costume idea of maybe using hair nets in the scene. If hair nets are used it may be a decision by however is on costume but I may suggest this idea as this means we can use the most period relevant hair dryer design even if its quite revealing and still be able to have that option of it working if we used hair nets.

1933 Salon In Russia.png

Above – 1933 (Hair Dryer) Salon In Russia

Chances are this is a design we will not use due to them all being together as well as not being aesthetically pleasing for the show, although it does give a completely different design to the rest. I mainly decided to use this image as research as it clearly shows that some of the vintage hair dryers were simple and all from the same source sometimes.

1937 Salon In France.png

Above – 1937 (Hair Dryer) Salon In France

Very similar to the first image just slightly more compact. If we was to use this creepier approach to the design this would be the one to pick. However I still feel these type or similar designs would not work very well for Bonnie and Clyde. It may work if it was more of a creepy play and wanted it to be 100% time period accurate.

1947 dryer New York.png

Above – 1947 (Hair Dryer) New York

This one seems and feels like the most appropriate for what we would want to achieve. The only issue with the others is that they seem comedic or just don’t cover the hair very much. In the scene Buck is trying to hide and blend in with the salon girls. I also feel the director visions this one best fitting n the scene. It is also the most aesthetically pleasing. The design for this would not be too hard i think if we use actual metal though we do have to be careful they do not weight too much. But personally this one seems like the most best design for our productions because of these reasons.

Just having a brief talk after suggesting hair nets. One member said although it may work its is very time consuming for the play and extra thing which may disrupt the scene. Although these images I found may or may not be accurate we may need to use slightly later period hair dryers. This is mainly because of the vision the director has and what will work best for the production.

I found this research was quite vital as it gave me a visual of what we are after. The website I used however was not aimed at Texas so may be slightly unreliable in that regard however it was in the right time period.

Car Light On Bonnie

Act: One Scene: Four

In the script it says that during the song ‘How Bout A Dance’ that Clyde shines the car lights on Bonnie during the scene. However after looking in rehearsals I figured it was missed out. The director said chances are it will not be in the script however I decided to ask my production arts teacher if it was 100% sure we are not going to be using the car lights. She said chances are very slim. I also asked how it would work and be operated. She said that if we was to use them it would be numerous wires which that idea by itself would look odd and be difficult. And the car lights if they was to be used would be operated by the lighting desk just as a normal Cue. I mainly just asked this for peace of mind and so in future shows I can know and can think about how it can work in the future.

Glass Bottle

Act: One Scene: Six

For this I just had general ideas after seeing the scene in rehearsals. In the scene Clyde throws a bottle into Blanche’s apartment. I was curious how this may work. The director said there will be a wall (Flat most probably redesigned) in the way as Clyde comes past and throws a bottle over. I figured this may be a health and safety risk in case in breaks and shatters. I have two ideas I came up with. one is that the bottle is made from sugar glass and we get a vintage 1930’s label and put it on this means adding a more personal touch to it and probably be interesting to create. Being sugar glass it will break meaning when Blanche normally clears it she could sweep it. However the problem could be as simple as throwing it softly. Or maybe even roll it fast towards Blanche and Bucks feet. The only real issue with the sugar glass is it could become too much of a mess and it may be loud when it breaks meaning it may disrupt the flow of the scene possibly. The other issue with this bottle is whether it will be a certain design. And chances are we would not want the bottle to break as it may distract or turn into a jump scare during the scene. Lastly having several shows whatever we do with the bottle we may need to make multiple possibly just in case it does crack or break during the show.



Costume/Fashion/Make Up Research

1900’s Fashion Research

Thames & Hudson (2010)

From this book I took a few pictures to add to my research as well as give me more ideas. The only issue with the research from this book is that it is not specific for Texas. However some fashion items are pretty common still throughout fashion. Also I know some that may be applicable by seeing the video above in my analysis roughly knowing what the fashion was like in Texas.

Chapter 3 1930-1938: Recession and Escapism

I chose these images for various reasons. Although not the cowboy fashion of Texas some characters are seen in clothing similar to this. I feel for the first image it is fairly accurate although colours and patterns was quite rare in Texas. For the second dress I added this as its almost as wedding like dress. For the 3rd picture I feel this would be quite similar to Bonnie’s fashion. A long coat with a hat although the hat would be more like a bonnet and the coat if we did have a overcoat would be black maybe and more tight fitting. for the final image this gave a image of roughly what men’s fashion in suits was like.

Chapter 4 1939-1945: Rationed Fashion and Home-Made Style

With the first picture I feel this would be what Clyde or Buck may wear. However maybe a brown rather than black as Brown was a commonly wore colour in Texas. For the second picture and third picture I feel this may be the fashion worn by the hairdressers and salon women.

The only issue I found with this book although it had good visual aids it did not give too specific places. Although looking at them I only chose the ones which I know match or are similar to Texas middle or upper class fashion. It also gave me some ideas into the fashion some of the characters and ideas. Some of the long overcoats the ladies are seen wearing we do have some of if needed.

This time I used another book to further my research again it was not Texas specific however it did have each year from 1930-1939. Again I got several images from the book to get some ideas around costumes in this time period.

On the left is 1939 Accessories and Right is 1933 Accessories.

For 1933 accessories I feel like the purses are nice and may be a good as a accessory to add to either Bonnie or the Salon Women. I feel some of the smaller hats on the top left of the image are a lot more appropriate for some of the characters possibly Bonnie or general folk. Also I feel like Emma may wear a hat in the style of the bottom right.

For 1939 accessories I feel that the hats with small nets may work during the funeral scenes for some of the women. Maybe more ideas for the bag design from this image too. The only issue I would change from these accessories to go better for Texas would be the shoes I feel they may be too modern and would be worn in places such as Paris as apposed to Texas.

On the left possible concept of Bonnie and right possible concept of Blanche.

For this Bonnie concept if I could change it to suit her and Texas it would be get rid of the patterns and possibly change the colour to a brown. Also maybe not a scarf for her too. I chose this as a concept since it has a few features I feel represent Bonnie such as her dress, overcoat and small hat. I would only change the colours and patterns.

For Blanche’s concept the top would work perfectly when she is wearing her Jodhpurs however in this design it is baggy trousers. I would also maybe think about getting rid of the ribbon across the stomach and the patterns. For colours I feel the top would be white and the trousers dark brown.

On the left possible concept of Salon Women + Hairdressers and right possible concept of Buck or/and Clyde.

For the Salon Women and Hairdressers concept I feel these may work well. Although I would change some of them to be less ‘drowning’ since Texas is known for its hot weather. Although overall I think these would work well in darker colours and cheaper fabrics as they would wear.

For Buck and Clyde’s concept I feel this would work very well for either as it has a typical look about it the hat and suit. Although if Buck wore it I feel he would not wear the hat. And Buck would only wear it occasionally. Although for Buck in his casual clothes I feel it would be a baggy white top and smart black or brown trousers. For Clyde I feel it would work well maybe not with the white t shirt but both overall similar to this concept design.

Overall this book source was a lot better for research than the first source however some again was still not just Texas and had other places as well. So I only chose what I thought would work again.

*Quick note these are all sourced from a book which is sourced below and were not drawn by me I simply used them to branch my ideas from*

Garter Research

Act: One Scene: 12 (Eastern Penitentiary) in this scene Bonnie takes the Gun out of her garter and gives it Clyde who is in prison.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.52.25.png

I decided to look into what a Garter is. because during rehearsals we got asked to get a garter for Bonnie and I did not know quite what a garter is. After searching it appears that there are two versions of the garter. One appears to be almost a pants like garter and the other a thin band that goes around the leg.

1930 garter

Above is a picture of a 1930 garter this is the type and look of garter we will aim for. Although chances are we will not be getting or creating the garter until Bonnies costume is designed or created. As the garter will hopefully follow the colour scheme of the costume. The only consideration is that the garter will need to able to fit a gun into it.

This research again was quite helpful as it gave me a visual of what it is we will need. I decided to look on Google to find out what it was then went further into my research by looking up the specific type of garter we would be wanting for the show.

Garter Discussion

I asked the director which is preferred and he said he prefers the band one. Also later on one of the costume designers said she had researched more into garters. and said that the almost pants like garter was actually a undergarment and the thin band is a actual garter.

Tattoo Research

Clyde had four tattoos:

Heart & Dagger with the initials ‘EBW’ – Arm (Possibly his initials of his Ex girlfriend Eleanor B. Williams)

Rose & Leaves – Left Shoulder

Shield & Anchor with the initials “USN” – Left Arm

A girls face with the name “Grace” – Right Arm

The name “Anne” – Left Arm

Bonnie had one tattoo:

Hearts and Arrows with the names “Bonnie & Roy”

With this website it was formatted slightly strange to the other however the information seemed accurate from what I have heard and seen.

Tattoos Discussion

One small suggestion I made was there was a brief talk about getting cheap tattoos for Clyde. As real life Clyde had tattoos on his arms. I suggested that we may be able to get the hair and beauty department (Which also specialise in makeup) to source the products and we could possibly create the tattoos. Another suggestion was skin safe pens. Or simply buying cheap tattoos online or around the area. Also with the stencil idea I may not physically make them myself as I am not too art inclined unless it comes to textiles side of art. However If we get ahead and after other priorities in the show are sorted maybe me or another production team member can think about stencil creating.



My Production Set Ideas


One idea I was thinking of was a backdrop on some of the steel decks especially on the car or the possible backdrop which may be nearby the car when gun shots are fired towards it. Of course this would require a bit of painting as well I would also need to look into the health and safety of the backdrops being attached onto the steel deck.

Scrim/ Projections

I also had another idea with the scrim depending on prices we could possibly use an actual scrim. I was thinking of if we do we create one or it could possibly work similar to the picture below.

It could possibly be tied with a open stage knot if we could not get a self recoiling one. The main issues with this would we do have a Cyc, flats and the curtains as other options to project onto. As well as the making or buying of the scrim which comes into what we can do as well.

Again having a small talk with the crew I got told that chances are it would be less productive to focus on creating a scrim when we have little funding as well as other things in the production which take priority such as the car.

Scrim is essentially course material. Some stage curtains are even made of this material. Possibly we could find stage curtains which are a beige colour however this may be slightly difficult to find and would be expensive if we could not get it as a loan. As well as the fact it would be easily stained and may not be as good looking than using black tabs. Then what comes into fact is that it may be difficult to source these. Maybe if we did but some beige curtains we could possibly use tea to stain them to a more old look. Although this idea is a bit out there I figured it would be different approach to the show.

Having a small talk among a few of the crew members they said its not impossible however theatre typically always have black tabs unless to have open curtains. So although my idea is not impossible I would suggest it for open curtains. However I feel this would be extremely rare to get this idea used as it would only possibly happen if we had a overabundance of funds which we do not.



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  1. Excellent research and attention to detail Jake. You have carried out independently identified, thorough and sustained research and investigation of a range of relevant sources, insightful interpretation and synthesis of information used to inform, support and develop ideas.


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