Autumn Term – Task 3

Adaptation Of Once Upon A Mattress

Our target audience will probably be aimed at 16 – 19 year olds. The reason for this is the theme is relationships and it also has no offensive or borderline content through out it. This also means it will be much easier to set and get our target audience as we will be performing it to college students and the majority fit into this target audience age. This is a appropriate target audience as I feel relationships are a strong thing and a lot of experimenting happens in this age compared to older or younger. Obviously not the case with all people. I feel it was a good show its audience message is not too strong but basically it is saying the dad for example needs to speak his mind as well as if you want something in life you sometimes have to properly .

Th location of the performance will be somewhere in college. out props are very minimal along with no stage lighting possibly some basic sounds. Being in the either e.044 or theatre will be good for our group either way. The reason for this is we only have a group of four people and the more space we have the harder it will be to fill in the space. However e.044 will be more beneficial as it means less space for us all to cover. For some scenes we plan to only have a few people on stage. Not having lighting means it gives us a better focus on the show and means we can spend more time preparing the show.

As far as time we do not have a huge deal of time it seems a lot however we will need to create the script in this given time learn it as well as block it, perform it and also learn a song from this musical.



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